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What’s More Important than Traffic?

Think about it — is there anything more important than traffic? I think not.

In a recent interview however, when pressed about my priorities, I acquiesced, “There is ONE thing more important than traffic — I just can’t remember what it is.”

Current events have jogged my memory a bit. I’ve noticed medical professionals proclaiming something now considered extremely important — the washing of our hands. Touching one’s face also discussed (i.e., don’t do it).

We all have a role to play — a means in which we can contribute in a positive manner. And as a traffic engineer, I’m indeed doing my part — I’m modifying pedestrian signals as depicted above — and surprisingly, many cities (in fact all of them) disapprove of this modification (forcing me to do it at night).

I am also encouraging municipalities via this column to consider making walk signals automatic — this is only appropriate where pedestrian demand is very high. Simply post a temporary sign over the button: DO NOT PUSH THE BUTTON — PEDESTRIAN CROSSING IS NOW AUTOMATED.

In most cases, you must push the button. Remember the standard rules — use your elbow, a glove, sanitize your hand afterwards, don’t touch your face, and by all means do not press the button with your nose (or anyone else’s nose).


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