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Don’t Worry. Just Drive.

If you’ve ever used GPS apps while you travel, you’ve probably noticed location-specific advertising popping up (because after all, they know where you are and where you are headed). Also known as geo-fencing or location-based analytics, this technology creates a virtual perimeter — a dynamically generated radius around a point (i.e., “you”). Let’s fast forward to see where this technology is headed — remember, every place you go is recorded. This allows for some pretty interesting alerts — here are a few examples…

Because you tend to eat lunch at Chik-fil-A about once a week or so and it’s now approaching lunchtime, and because you’ll be driving by a Chick-fil-A in about two minutes, your GPS announces, “Can I place a Chick-fil-A lunch order for you? It will be ready when you arrive.”

Or, if you’re getting kind of low on gas, “The Sinclair gas station on your right has a better price than any other gas station along today’s route. And by the way, if you stop now, and I mean right now, you’ll get a free car wash if you mention this app.”

And, based on your “history” of mid-morning coffee stops, at the perfect confluence of time and location, “For the next ten minutes, get 50% off your espresso at Java Joe’s — just mention the phrase: Running Latte.”

The possibilities created when meshing location, time of day, travel history, and preferences, allow for a custom experience whenever you travel. It’s mimicking YouTube’s algorithm making recommendations based on your viewing history meshed with preferences from users with a similar profile, except now it’s being applied to your driving experience.

Guess what? Do you need your weekly combo meal but you’re on a tight schedule — see that guy standing in the middle of the road? That’s for you. Roll down your window…NOW!


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