Chet Skwarcan is an award-winning engineer, writer, and industry innovator in the field of traffic engineering. He is known for leveraging his creativity, logic, and technology to solve today’s engineering challenges.

Over 20 Years Serving the Midwest

For over 20 years, Traffic Engineering has been committed to providing clients with exceptional service and a creative work product, and we are equally committed to remaining leaders in the field of Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning.

Traffic Engineering Inc. was created in response to the growing demand for creativity within the traffic engineering profession. The reputation we strive to maintain is one of efficiency and logic. Please contact us to discover how we can help with your next traffic analysis, signal design, or transportation analysis.

Traffic Engineering, Inc. provides governing bodies, engineering firms, and private developers with comprehensive analyses of existing and projected traffic conditions. We have prepared hundreds of Traffic Impact Analyses ranging from fast food drive-thru restaurants to large mixed-use developments. Through feasibility analysis, our clients are able to identify potential problem areas earlier in the design process and modify plans accordingly to ensure long term accessibility.

We make recommendations to improve traffic conditions and travel patterns that provide for safe and efficient flow of both vehicles and pedestrians through and within the transportation network.

  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Pedestrian Studies
  • Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis
  • Parking Analysis
  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Roundabout Analysis
  • Traffic Forecasting
  • Traffic Safety Evaluations
  • Trip Generation Studies
  • State Permit Assistance
  • Speed Studies

Traffic Engineering, Inc. established in 1997, is a professional Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning specialty firm located just west of Indianapolis, Indiana. Services are provided throughout the state of Indiana and the Midwest. Our services include traffic engineering and transportation planning studies, roundabout analysis and design, traffic signal design, pedestrian studies, intersection and parking lot design, and data collection services.